About Us

The Christian Citizen Initiative was founded in December of 2022.

In many churches where application of Christian principles to politics is concerned, the message seems to be “You need to get involved…but figure it out on your own, and then do it by yourself.  We can’t talk about it or help you from here.”  

These mixed signals are the equivalent of winding people up, and then turning them loose with nothing to guide or direct them…no outlet for the enthusiasm, energy, and fires of patriotism that were just stoked.

In May 2022, at a “God and Country Rally” presented by Faith Wins, historian David Barton did a tremendous job outlining the history of the church and its critical role in leading (figuratively and literally) America’s fight for independence and its influence in interjecting biblical principles into its founding documents.  He went on to stress the importance of the role of the church and the Christian today.  But there were some lingering questions that needed to be answered.

  • How do we as Christians get/stay informed? 
  • How and where can we participate government?
  • What is the church’s role in politics?

The Christian Citizen Initiative was founded to answer these questions and devise a plan of action based on the belief that the local church is uniquely situated to ensure that its congregation is at least aware of how and where they can take their Bible-based Christian values into the community and influence their city/county/state through informed and active civil participation.

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